If Walker is successful, Wisconsin is screwed!

I guess you could call this a “power grab”….using money problems as an excuse to roll over the people. Walker is disgusting, and should be “recalled” and banished from the state, and from public life!

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Governor Walker…but Wait! There’s More…
ThinkProgress has pointed out some lesser-known provisions that Scott Walker and his Republican colleagues are trying to slip through the state legislature that should worry many Wisconsinites. Even if protestors successfully defend their rights to collectively bargain – they still have to deal with a GOP-led assault on the several health, environmental, and economic programs including a bill that will allow the state’s uber-conservative Health and Human Services Secretary to override state Medicaid laws to make deep cuts into the critical health care program.
There’s also legislation that will exempt local governments from having to disinfect their waters – and a similar bill that exempts large tracts of wetlands from environmental oversight. It just so happens that many of those wetlands are owned by a rich Republican donor…talk about cronyism.
The GOP wants Wisconsin voters to have to show an ID when they vote from now on – a move that could disenfranchise many elderly, urban, and low-income voters.
And finally – there are two bills that drastically increase Governor Walker’s powers, including giving him authority to write rules for the state’s ethics watchdog agency – and allowing Walker to turn 37 state civil servants into political appointees thus politicizing critical social services.
What we’re seeing in Wisconsin is not the agenda of a Republican governor – it’s the agenda of a radical autocrat. And if Walker is successful – Wisconsin is screwed.

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Let us give thanks to the Wisconsin-14

Other legislators throughout the country should take note that it may be necessary for them to take the same steps in order to preserve democracy in this country. This is the first “shot across the bow” on the war between average hard-working Americans, and big business money interests that are represented by the U.S. Supreme Court in their recently destructive “Citizens United” give away. They want it all!…..and what better way than to destroy the unions and the protection of collective bargaining.

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We The People of the USA Need To Thank
The Wisconsin 14

You still can’t find a single Democratic state senator in
the entire state of Wisconsin. All 14 of them remain in
self-imposed exile in Illinois, and as long as they stay there,
they can continue to prevent passage of a highly controversial
bill that would sharply reduce benefits for teachers and other
government employees and, more importantly, gut public labor unions.
At the moment, only five states prohibit collective bargaining by
teachers and other public employees, as the map below
demonstrates. Georgia is one of the five. (Note: The right to
bargain collectively does not imply the legal right to strike in many states.)

As I’ve written in my last blog, What we are seeing here today is WAR. Not the blood and guts war that the Republicans would prefer but a war never-the-less on Democracy. And if We-The-People lose this war our America will never be the same.

Since SCOTUS (5/4) ruled blatantly in favor of Corporations (in the
Citizen United ruling on corporate campaign spending), by 5
conservative judges who followed their Republican political
ideologies in lockstep, against the people and for the
corporations, a plutocracy has taken shape. This ruling has
emboldened the GOP to openly oppose any democratic rules in which
we live under. If they succeed in destroying our Democracy
altogether we will find that life ruled by the wealthiest amongst
us to be much oppressed and not worth living. Think Slavery,
it’s not farfetched it’s REAL!
This is real (although it seems like it should be just a bad dream)
We-The-People are about to lose that status and become
We-The-Slaves to Corporate/Wealthy Interests. It is so obvious
but so many will deliberately refuse to see it just to prove a
point. It won’t be the rich and powerful that takes us down it
will be the foolish. tb

“A fool contributes nothing worth hearing and takes offense at everything.” Aristotle

Yes, there are two Americas’ Virginia, they exist as certainly as love and generosity and devotion exist. One tolerant and broadminded, the other intolerant and narrow-minded!
Sincerely, thinkingblue, from the TOLERANT AND BROADMINDED USA
PS: Joe (You Lie) Wilson, et al reside in the other America!

Monday, February 21, 2011

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