Supersize Me!

David Wallerstein……a great marketeer! Here’s the explanation for that “great big bucket of popcorn” at the movies, and a lot of other larger than life food items!

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In today’s excerpt – supersizing and the ‘thrifty gene’:
“That distinction [of inventing supersizing] belongs to a man named David Wallerstein. Until his death in 1993, Wallerstein served on the board of directors at McDonald’s but in the fifties and sixties he worked for a chain of movie theaters in Texas where he labored to expand sales of soda and popcorn – the high-markup items that theaters depend on for their profitability. As the story is told in John Love’s official history of McDonald’s, Wallerstein tried everything he could think of to goose up sales – two-for-one deals, matinee specials – but found he simply could not induce customers to buy more than one soda and one bag of popcorn. He thought he knew why: Going for seconds makes people feel piggish.
“Wallerstein discovered that people would spring for more popcorn and soda – a lot more – as long as it came in a single gigantic serving. Thus was born the two-quart bucket of popcorn, the sixty-four-ounce Big Gulp, and in time the Big Mac and the jumbo fries, though Ray Kroc himself took some convincing.
Author: Michael Pollan
Title: The Omnivore’s Dimemma
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