Charlie Brown

“I’ve had a hard enough time just being Charlie Brown” :)

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In today’s encore excerpt – in 1952, the introduction of Charlie Brown and the comic strip Peanuts with its clean drawings and psychological orientation made for a stark contrast with both the clutter and vaudeville-gag orientation in other cartoon strips of the time:
“The American assumption was that children were happy and childhood was a golden time; it was adults who had problems with which they wrestled and pains that they sought to smooth. Schulz reversed the natural order of things … by showing that a child’s pain is more intensely felt than an adult’s – a child’s defeats the more acutely experienced and remembered.
“Readers recognized themselves in ‘poor moon- faced, unloved, misunderstood’ Charlie Brown – in his dignity in the face of whole seasons of doomed baseball games, his endurance and stoicism in the face of insults. He … reminded people as no other cartoon character had of what it was to be vulnerable, to be small and alone in the universe, to be human – both little and big at the same time.”



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