Noah’s Ark is not unique in mythology

Click on the link for the Sumerian, Greek, and Hindu version of the same story!

In today’s excerpt – ancient floods:

“Most cultures … have stories about a ‘great flood’ sent by angry gods to destroy mankind in the distant past. In Western civilization the most well known example is the story of Noah in the Bible. When God got fed up with mankind’s disobedience and wickedness, he chose Noah and his family to perform a special mission: to build a huge boat (an ark) to hold breeding pairs of every animal to repopulate the world after the deluge.

“In the Sumerian version
“According to the ancient Greeks
“Finally, Hindu mythology
“Though it’s impossible to know if these stories refer to the same actual event, a couple of historical events are plausible candidates. [One potential] explanation is the huge rise in sea levels that occurred at the end of the last Ice Age, beginning about twelve thousand years ago (10,000 BCE). The melting of the polar ice caps raised sea levels almost four hundred feet around the world – which must have made quite an impression.”
Author: Erik Sass and Steve Wiegand with Will Pearson and Mangesh Hattikudur
Title: The Mental Floss History of the World
Publisher: Harper
Date: Copyright 2008 by Mental Floss LLC
Pages: 21-22

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